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Embrace Review

Find out if Embrace pet insurance is the best choice for your cat or dog in our Embrace review, which looks at the features and services your pet gets.

Embrace Review


  • Offers a discount if you have multiple pets that need coverage
  • Includes coverage for accidents and illnesses outside of the US
  • Covers all types of injuries and illnesses as well as treatments
  • Lets you add a wellness package for a small fee
  • Suitable for older and younger dogs and cats


  • Limits your coverage options for older pets
  • Charges an enrollment fee when you sign up
  • May not cover some preexisting conditions

Embrace pet insurance covers your pets when you travel outside of the country and offers a wellness package that you can add to your plan. Though you may not get all of the coverage that older pets need, Embrace insurance is a good choice for those with multiple pets.

What is Embrace Pet Insurance?

You cannot keep an eye on your pet 24/7 because there are so many things that you need to do every day. Letting your dog roam around freely in a fenced-in yard can result in the dog eating a poisonous flower or getting into a fight with a wild animal. Embrace is a pet insurance company that offers plans and coverage for both dogs and cats. You can purchase a policy that covers a new kitten or puppy and one for an older animal, too. Embrace usually limits the coverage that you can buy for older pets though. If you have a dog or cat that is 14 or older, your plan will only cover accidents and not illnesses. Reading over our Embrace review can help you see why this ranks as one of our favorite pet insurers.

Features and Services

The basic insurance plan offered by Embrace will cover all types of accidents and illnesses. Embrace refers to this as its nose-to-tail plan. Your pet receives coverage for conditions that affect certain breeds and cancer treatments along with consultations and exam fees. The basic plan covers up to $1,000 in any dental treatments that your pet might need. Something as simple as a broken tooth can cause significant problems if left untreated. Embrace ensures that your pet can get the dental help that it needs.

Though Embrace does not cover preexisting conditions, most of the things that your pet needs are covered. This includes all costs associated with accidents such as your pet breaking a bone and needing an x-ray or your pet eating a plastic bag or another foreign object. Embrace will pay for any of the fees that your normal vet charges as well as the fees you incur to see an emergency vet.

With Embrace, you also get coverage for a range of treatments. Your pet may need acupuncture or another alternative therapy recommended by a licensed vet. Behavioral therapy coverage allows you to seek help for any behavioral issues that your pet has such as digging in your yard or acting aggressively towards humans. When you see any type of vet, your pet’s policy will cover any necessary diagnostic testing as well as surgery or hospitalization. You also get coverage for prescription drugs and any mobility devices that your pet needs.

On top of the basic plan, Embrace offers an optional wellness package that covers annual check-ups and other costs. Called Wellness Rewards, this plan allows you to seek reimbursement for annual rabies and other vaccinations that your pet needs as well as grooming and nail trimming. If you have a younger pet, this plan will cover the cost of a spay or neuter. Embrace will reimburse you for older pets if you need to put your animal down and cover the cremation costs. You can choose the reimbursement amount that you want and get back up to $650 every year.

Who is this for?

Though Embrace ranks second on our list of the best pet insurance options, it still offers loads of help for pets in need. We recommend this company for those who travel internationally. While most insurers only allow you to see licensed vets in the United States, Embrace plans cover the cost of international visits and any vet you need to see. You can travel freely without worrying about what you would do if your pet became sick or got injured.

We also think that Embrace is a good choice for those with more than one pet. Thanks to the small discounts that are available, you can sign up each pet in your home and purchase policies for them. Embrace will then help you save on your bundle instead of charging you a separate fee for each pet. It’s also a good option for those who want an easy way to file claims and seek help. Not only can you use the Embrace website, but you can also contact the company over the phone or through the Embrace app.

How It Works

When you purchase an Embrace policy, you need to wait two days before seeing a vet for an injury caused by an accident or 14 days for an illness. Embrace established a waiting period to prevent customers from taking advantage of its policies. As a new customer, you will set up a username and password combination that allows you to access your account and get help for your pet. You can simply log in on the app or website and click the “Claim” button to show that your pet needs help.

If you have a wellness plan, you need to see your groomer or another professional. After paying for the services that your pet needs, request copies of any forms or documents that you get. Embrace requires that you submit scanned copies that show your costs, which it will then reimburse. The total amount of reimbursement you can seek in a calendar year depends on your set limit. Embrace will send a check to you within a few weeks. The wellness package can save you quite a bit on the standard things that your pet needs.


Embrace bases your rate on several factors, including the age and breed of your pet. The gender of your pet and your location can also affect your rate. Customers pay an average of $15 to $20 each month for cat insurance and $30 to $40 for dog insurance. Plans start at around $9 per month for dogs and $13 for cats. If you want to know your exact cost, we encourage you to complete the free quote option on the website. As long as you enter information about your pet and your name and email address, Embrace will give you a quote that is good for one month.

We found that costs varied significantly when we changed the reimbursement limits and monthly premiums when using the site. You must pay a $25 enrollment fee when you sign up. If you pay monthly, you also face a $1 installment fee each month. Embrace will waive the installment fee if you pay for the entire year in a single payment. There is also a 10% discount when you sign up for coverage for a second pet. Embrace offers a 5% military discount, too.

Customer Support

Once you become an Embrace customer, you can use the MyEmbrace app to contact customer support. You may want to send documents or messages to [email protected], especially if you want to request records or information about your pet’s policy. Embrace encourages customers to call (800) 511-9172, which is also the number you can use if you have questions before buying coverage. Representatives are available from 9 am to 8 pm on weekdays and from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday.

Final Thoughts

As with other types of pet insurance, Embrace does not cover preexisting conditions. Keep in mind that this can affect future treatments. For example, you might have a pet with arthritis in one leg that a vet diagnosed. Embrace can determine that the arthritis that later appears in another leg relates to that condition and refuse to cover it. There aren’t many other cons associated with the insurer, but you may not like the enrollment fee that is required before your policy starts. Most pet owners find that the basic plan covers everything that their pets need. Not only does your policy cover diagnostic testing and exams, but it also covers mobility tools and behavioral therapy along with other types of treatments. Thanks to the low prices and multiple discounts, Embrace can help you save money on the best policy for a single pet or multiple animals.

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