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PetsBest Review

Find out how PetsBest stacks up against the competition and some of the top features for your pet in our ultimate review of PetsBest insurance.

Pets Best Review


  • Low prices with flat rates available
  • No limits on how old accepted pets are
  • Covers vets in the US and Puerto Rico as well as Canada
  • Offers some of the most affordable monthly rates
  • Lets you choose the coverage limits that work for you


  • Takes a little longer to payout than some insurers do
  • Charges a small fee per transaction
  • Does not cover some alternative treatments

Though PetsBest doesn’t cover some of the treatments that your pet needs, it covers most and has low monthly payments that you can easily afford. You can quickly file a claim online and work with the company to get your money via direct deposit. PetsBest covers vets all across North America.

What is PetsBest?

As one of the leading pet insurers in the world, PetsBest offers help for pet owners who live or travel in North America. You can get help seeing any vet you want. PetsBest lets you pay the costs upfront and get reimbursed later or work with the company and have your vet bill them. Plans are available for both cats and dogs of all types over the age of seven weeks with no limits in place for older pets. You have the choice of plans that cover only accidents or both accidents and illnesses as well as preventative care.

Features and Services

PetsBest offers an accident-only plan for pet parents who don’t have a lot of money to spend. This plan only covers the care that you seek after accidents such as a snake biting your cat or your dog swallowing a plastic bag. Though it won’t cover illnesses such as diabetes or cancer, the policy covers most common accidents. You get the freedom to visit your regular vet or head to an emergency clinic if your pet can’t wait for an appointment. PetsBest has a small waiting period before your policy takes effect and allows you to sign up any cat or dog.

The most comprehensive plan is the PetsBest accident and illness plan. This covers all types of accidents, including service dogs injured while at work and hunting dogs injured on a trip. You also receive coverage for medical conditions that occur after you become a customer. PetsBest does not cover preexisting conditions and will not pay for any treatments that your pet needs due to an accident or illness that occurred before you became a customer. It does cover cancer and other serious illnesses that often require lab work and blood tests before the vet will recommend a treatment plan.

With PetsBest, you also get coverage for conditions that relate to specific breeds. Some dogs are prone to injuries that cause their hips and other joints to pop out of their socks. PetsBest ensures that you can see your vet about those conditions as well as chronic conditions that can cause pain for years. You can seek care and get your money back as long as you stay within your annual limit. Unlimited plans that have no annual limits are more expensive but allow your pet to get more care without taking as much money out of your bank account. PetsBest accident and illness plans also provide coverage for dental care, behavioral conditions and diagnostic testing.

PetsBest has two wellness plans, too. The first is Essential Wellness, which pays around $300 in annual benefits. You can choose the Best Wellness plans and get up to $535 back in the routine care that your pet needs every year. Both plans cover teeth cleaning and spaying and neutering along with rabies and other vaccinations. You also get help paying for routine exams and heartworm screening as well as blood and fecal tests. PetsBest charges a low monthly fee to add one of these packages to your plan.

Who is this for?

We recommend PetsBest for pet owners who spend a lot of time away from home and those who don’t want to see the same vet every time. Not only can you see any vet in North America, but you can change to a different vet whenever you want. It’s also a smart choice for budget shoppers and those who think that pet insurance is a scam. While you can pick an accident-only plan, you can also choose a comprehensive plan and add preventative care to your package. No matter what you worry about your pet needing, you’ll find a plan that covers it all.

How It Works

Though you may have questions about how PetsBest, the process is easier than filing a claim through your insurer. PetsBest paid out more than $200 million in claims filed by customers since its founder opened its doors. The founder spent years working as a vet, which gave him a deep understanding of what pet parents want and helped him create a great company for them. You have the option to seek help when your pet becomes sick or injured and can see any vet in the United States or Puerto Rico as well as one in Canada. PetsBest asks you to pay for the visit and then submit a claim.

The easiest way to submit a claim is online on the PetsBest website. You simply click the button on your screen to show that you sought treatment and then add any paperwork that supports your claim. PetsBest will authorize your claim to show that it accepted it, which gives you an idea of when the company will reimburse you. Though many people wait for a check to arrive, PetsBest will also direct deposit your reimbursement check to the account you list.

With the pre-authorization option, you can go online and tell PetsBest that your pet needs help. The site will ask a few questions to determine the severity of the issue and authorize your claim. This comes in handy if you don’t have a lot of extra cash. Instead of paying the vet directly, you can show your authorization form. The vet will then bill PetsBest for the cost of the visit. PetsBest will send you a bill for the amount that your policy didn’t cover, which you can pay later.


The average price that you pay for PetsBest insurance ranges from around $17 per month for a cat to around $60 per month for a dog. Choosing the accident plan helps you save because you pay as little as $6 per month for your cat and $9 per month for your dog. We used the site to compare rates and found quite a few different quotes. The cost to insure a puppy was close to $34 a month, but the cost rose to nearly $60 a month for a dog a few years old. Cats are often cheaper to insurer and cost around $12 per month through PetsBest for a comprehensive plan. Keep in mind that living in a major city such as Chicago or New York can cause your monthly premium to rise as you have a higher chance of filing a claim due to your address.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with PetsBest whenever you need. Phone representatives are available from 6 am to 7 pm MST on weekdays and again from 6 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. You can call the company at (877) 738-7237 or send a fax to (866) 777-1434. Don’t forget to make use of the resources available through your account, too. PetsBest has a live chat feature that lets you send and receive messages. This ensures that the rep knows the limits and other information about your policy. You’ll also find an email address in your account. PetsBest only offers email support for current customers.

Final Thoughts

Buying pet insurance is often tricky. While you want to get the best protection for your pet, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that might or might not happen. PetsBest is one of the best options for many reasons, including the low monthly premiums that you can customize and the fact that it doesn’t limit where you can take your pet. While you won’t find policies for rabbits and other types of pets, PetsBest accepts all breeds of cats and dogs. You have the chance to request a quote and play around with the options to get a price that you can afford. Unlike other insurers that limit the ages of the pets that they accept, PetsBest only requires that your cat or dog be seven weeks old. Anyone who lives in North America will find PetsBest helpful.

Top Features

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